Rajkumar Jain matrimony services in Mumbai

Rajkumar Jain Matrimony provides premium matrimony services to Industrialist families, business families, HNIs, NRIs, celebrities, politicians and top notch professionals of Mumbai. We have more than two decade’s experience in match making for the Elite Mumbai families. We recognize the specific requirements of these families and not only match as per their financial status and lifestyles, but also consider intellectual understanding; all the while maintaining the confidentiality of the client. We realize the importance of understanding and respecting privacy of the person with whom you want to spend your entire life. 

The families connected with Rajkumar Jain Matrimony of prospective grooms based in Mumbai are respectable, very humble, and down to earth and have affluent lifestyle. As a parent, you will be happy marrying your daughter in one such family. We work very closely with all the details of such families with respect to their social standing, moral and cultural preferences.


Elite mumbaikar brides are exposed to the cultures of so many countries that make them liberal and aware of diversity in life across the globe. Brides also have the urge to explore their own business ideas and they are very hard working also hence they look out for someone whom they can respect and who also shares similar family values and lifestyle. Modern Brides in Mumbai also wants to continue business or join family business after marriage. They want to bring a positive change in the society. They look forward for a person who respects her thoughts and her opinions. Brides have mastered in maintaining a balance between family life and business life. We look for a person who has a similar exposure.


Our aim is not just to share profiles, but to give feedback, arrange personal and family meetings, and share references. We work with you till your destination of finding the perfect partner is reached. We understand the gravity of the work we are doing and work like a family member to find the perfect match.


Our Team
Joining two Elite families into a lifelong relationship, while maintaining complete confidentiality, requires specific skill sets. Hence we have set up a professionally trained team combined with technology for best results. We assure our specialization and dedication will help you make this most important decision of your life a smooth process.


rajkumarjain.com is an outstanding platform to connect with the HNI’s of the country. We work very dedicatedly to find the right life partner to our treasured clients. We work for matching the suave lifestyles as well.


In the super busy life of Mumbai, we make your partner finding procedure much smoother and trust worthy and simple with the help of personalized service. Our website provides daily recommendations of profiles to make it simpler for you.


We understand
We personally take care and understand your every requirement very carefully and study it closely which helps us to find the best suitable match for you and make our procedure quicker.

Marriages are made in heaven but we do need to put all efforts to find our soul mate on earth. With our unparalleled quality of service, you will be hitched in no time.

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