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Thousands of platforms, thousands of options and thousands of uncertainties. That’s the current status of people looking for meaningful long term relationship online. Creating an online matrimonial profile requires providing vast amount of personal information about ourselves. As much as we believe that people out there are good, there still is bad fish that do not miss an opportunity for fraud. There are numerous reasons for choosing Rajkumar Jain Matrimony as the best destination for finding the match for yourself or for your children; security topping the list.


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The first step in your journey of online matrimony would be selecting a trustworthy portal. The best thing you can do is stick with a brand you can trust, and what better name than Rajkumar Jain Matrimony! Our quality team ensures that every profile put up at Rajkumar Jain Matrimonial Services is screened for irrelevant or inappropriate content. Rajkumar Jain Matrimony provides its members with fast, relevant and best matching results in strict confidence.


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If a site is hacked then all your personal information including phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and other details may be stolen and misused. We take every possible step to make your search for a life partner safe. Our website does not contain any bugs and is accurately configured and monitored, never falling prey for hackers.



Rajkumar Jain matrimony has the largest collection of elite Jain database of profiles and our service is 100 percent discreet and confidential. The information of the user with us is very safe and it is kept highly confidential. Transparency and trust, which are lacking in the online matrimony portals, is the key factor with


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Be vigilant about safety and security while looking for a life partner online.

Check the site before logging in.

Do not click on unsafe links. This keeps your credentials safe and secure.

Never reveal your account info, profile user id and passwords

Does a complete reference check before you proceed for an in-person meeting

Do not transfer funds or offer financial help

 Choose who views your photo and details

Despite pandemic constraints, the wedding industry saw a surge in the number of customers and their registration online. One of the negative aspects of the matrimonial sites that comes with the increased number of users is fake profiles A great degree of caution is required while providing your information to anybody, whether it is online or offline matrimony. Rajkumar Jain Matrimony has very experienced staff and advance technical equipment to enhance the quality of communication and tighten the data security.


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